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Ralf Klepper - International Arts Entrepreneur.

Updated: Mar 31

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Meet Ralf Klepper.

Brisbane-based Ralf Klepper is an accomplished musician and international arts entrepreneur, on a mission to connect countries and continents through the arts.

Ralf's journey in the world of music has been marked by excellence and innovation. His dedication to music inspired the formation of a cultural exchange. This led him to establish SuonaVoce® International Cultural Exchange Consultancy Bureau, a platform aimed at connecting countries and continents through the universal language of music.

In our interview, I created Ralf's fantasy year of culture, with an all expenses paid, research trip. Expect anecdotes, laughs, and surprises.

Ralf's remarkable career path took a significant turn when he relocated with his family from Germany to Brisbane, Australia. This move sparked his mission to unite diverse communities across Australia, Germany, New Zealand and Europe, leveraging music as a catalyst for meaningful projects and understanding.

With a wealth of experience collaborating with established artists, singers, and conductors, Ralf has become a trusted advisor in building musical education programs and organising enriching cultural events.

Additionally, Ralf earned an MBA with distinction from the Business Schools in Kempten, Germany, and Queensland University of Technology. This academic achievement further strengthens his vision for cultural diplomacy and the transformative power of classical music on a global scale.

As an integral member of the Arts and Culture Network, Ralf continues to advocate for music and culture as a vehicle for positive change. His untiring commitment to nurturing partnerships between industry, business, and government stakeholders underscores his belief in the profound impact of collaborative cultural initiatives on society.

Later in our talk, I asked Ralf to envisage his dream culture adventure to a country of his choice. He is going to be paid for a whole year to study its arts, culture and heritage; all expenses paid and first class all the way. I would never have guessed his dead or alive choice dinner guest.

Among other fun questions, Ralf’s Fantasy Cultural year was created. Get to know more about Ralf by his answers to The This or That game .

You can reach Ralf via LinkedIn, or at his website here.


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