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Sam Conniff After Party - 5 May.

At 1pm BST on Thursday 5th May, Sam Conniff gave our 10-minute TAD Talk (The Arts Debate) on Creative Uncertainty.

"Thank you Sa - was fantastic." Kathryn Brammall

"Love your energy and passion Sam." Gill Tiney

"Thanks Sam, that was some great insight." Kulvinder Reyatt

"Thanks Sam, that was great." Brian Warrens FRSA

"That was great - so interesting. Would love to hear more." Anne Waldon

"Thank you Sam, I'll be taking your uncertainty tolerance test." Matthew Chatfield

"Best TAD Talk yet." Roxie Curry FRSA

Access to the full talk is a benefits of subscription, but here is the 30 minute After Party.

Mark Walmsley FRSA

Chief Culture Vulture

Arts & Culture Network

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