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Speed Networking - Ukraine Special - Anna

In this extract video from our meeting on 3rd March we present the interview with ACN member and Arts journalist Anna Dennysenko from her home in Ukraine.

Anna told us her story from the first week of the conflict and how we might help.

She gave us a link to follow to websites where we can provide support. It's here.

During our hour-long meetings, we all get to meet 9 or more fellow members, at random, in a series of 5-minute 1-2-1s and small groups, in under an hour, without leaving our desks. It isn't possible to record these meetings so they are not included here.

Please note that access to future event recordings and associated files will be a benefit of subscription.

You can join here and cancel at any time.


Mark Walmsley FRSA AGSM

Chief Culture Vulture

Arts and Culture Network

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