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The Best Loved Brands - 2022

What do the 50 best loved brands have in common?

  • They are sustainable

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Socially aware

  • Employee wellbeing

  • Closeness to their customers

  • Social media responsive

  • Trusted

Beauty and fashion brands account for a third of the most loved 50 brands.

Consumers are passionate about Media, Sports, and Entertainment These brands outperform the top 50 average Passion score, but fall short when it comes to Trust - highlighting a wider industry problem.

How to create love for your brand

Tug at the right heartstrings: Choose the best social channels for your objectives. You can use different social channels to reach different audiences or meet different business goals. 7 in 10 Facebook users say that they use the platform to communicate with friends and family, making this the most popular activity on Facebook. Meanwhile, 77% of TikTok users say that they use TikTok to look for funny and entertaining content. Get strategic and align your content with what's motivating people to use each social network. Your brand will fit in more naturally that way - because no one loves being interrupted.

Love is serious business: Don’t count B2B out. Why let B2C brands get all the love on social? 38% of B2B decision-makers say that they discover new products and services relevant to their work via social media channels. (Remember: Even if you sell to businesses, you’re still actually selling to people.) Identify your audience, get conversational, and use your channels to educate. •Keep things off the rocks: Use social listening to monitor for negative sentiment A good social listening program can help you spot an emerging issue on social media well before it turns into a crisis. Monitoring brand mentions can give you some advanced warning of surging social activity. But if you really want to keep an eye out for a potential social media crisis, you should be monitoring social sentiment.

Full report:

Brand Love report 2022
Download PDF • 10.50MB

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