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The Goal-Setting Workshop with Sarah Hunt.

Grow your own reach, reputation, network, career and/or business by joining us at The Arts and Culture Network as a full member. It's just £10 per month or £100 per year. Benefits are here. Cancel any time.


Sarah Hunt is a full member of the Arts and Culture Network, a former General Manager at The National Theatre, and now a world-leading creative performance coach. She is based in Nassau in The Bahamas and you can find her on LinkedIn here.

On 16th March 2023, Sarah gave fellow ACN members a fast-paced but brilliant speed coaching workshop during which we were challenged to visualise where we wanted to be and what we wanted to have achieved by this time next year.

She then asked us to identify the changes we would need to make, and the things and skills we would need, to achieve that vision.

Finally, she challenged us to choose the first thing we would need to do and do that by this time next week.

I've worked with Sarah before and was not surprised by the great feedback we received.

Below you can watch Sarah's workshops session, download her presentation and two free guides to conducting a life audit and setting good goals.

Here is the chat transcript from our networking session.

16 Marcrh 2023 chat
Download TXT • 12KB

Watch Sarah's workshop:

Download Sarah's Presentation:

ACN - West End Coach Speed Coaching Session 160323
Download PDF • 2.89MB

Download Sarah's Free Resources:

Annual Life Audit - West End Coach
Download PDF • 127KB

Good Goals Guide - West End Coach
Download PDF • 230KB

Why not join us as a full member? It costs about the same as 3 cups of coffee per month.

My role as the leader of this community is to help full members grow and develop their own reach, reputation, networks, careers and/or business, by providing enhanced and supported access to my own.

Here are some of our member testimonials:

Had to write and say a huge thank you for the networking sessions you are running. Met some great people today, thank you so much
Great speed networking session today - I really enjoyed it and got some really relevant and valuable connections!
I've just joined!! £10 a month for a 1:1 business growth session, free networking, and access to all the events (on top of everything else!)?! This is INSANE value for money Mark and I'm so grateful for everything you've done to build such a supportive network of likeminded creative professionals.

Mark Walmsley FRSA AGSM

Chief Culture Vulture

Arts & Culture Network

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