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The TAD Talk - 3rd March 2022

Jon Alexander is the author of CITIZENS: Why the Key to Fixing Everything is All of Us.

He gave our 10-minute speed webinar TAD Talk on 3rd March.

Jon's central argument is that we are living in a moment in time when the story that has dominated our society for the last 80 years - the Consumer Story - is collapsing around us, and threatens to take us down with it; but that at the same time a new story is taking shape.

If we can see and step into a story of ourselves and each other as Citizens, not just Consumers, we could change the world - and the arts and culture sector could lead the way.

The book features a foreword by Brian Eno, who has described it as "deeply important", and among other case studies features Jon's extensive work with the National Trust; in his talk he will also draw on work with Tate, the Wellcome Collection, and more.

During our hour-long meetings, we all get to meet 9 or more fellow members, at random, in a series of 5-minute 1-2-1s and small groups, in under an hour, without leaving our desks. It isn't possible to record these meetings so they are not included here.

Please note that access to future event recordings and associated files will be a benefit of subscription.

You can join here and cancel at any time.


Mark Walmsley FRSA AGSM

Chief Culture Vulture

Arts and Culture Network

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