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Who is this famous historical figure, if they had been born in our generation? The answer is below.

Brazilian digital artist Hidreley Diao recently started to post somewhat familiar faces on his Instagram. His goal is to imagine what famous historical figures would look like if you ran into them in the grocery store.

He uses FaceApp, Photoshop, Remini, and Gradient to create realistic portraits of those people.

Beethoven (1770–1827) was a virtuoso pianist and one of the best Western composers ever. He started to lose his hearing at 26 and eventually went deaf but it didn’t stop him from being a prolific artist.

At 21, he moved from Germany to Vienna where he studied composition with Joseph Haydn. His most famous work Symphony №9 (1824) is one of the greatest pieces in the history of music. In its fourth movement, Beethoven composed poet Friedrich Schiller’s ode An die Freude (English — Ode to Joy, 1785), which later became the anthem of the European Union.


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05 ene 2023

This is absolutely fascinating, Mark. Great share of an extraordinary and inspiring use of our 21st century technologies! Beethoven was a bit of a looker!!

Me gusta
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