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Cyrice Griffith

Leadership for Strategic Initiatives and founder of Griffith Chess Designs

I design luxury chess and checker games as luxury, functional, collectible pieces of art.

With a background spanning senior leadership and consulting roles in urban planning, cultural enrichment, entertainment, and education non-profits, I've always aimed to make a difference.

During my tenure at the University of Southern California, I spearheaded numerous innovative initiatives that not only expanded audience reach but also fostered a culture of creativity and collaboration. I've also been a staunch advocate for workplace diversity, bridging the gap between entry-level positions and senior management to champion inclusivity through liaison.

My previous roles include Deputy Director of the American Institute of Architects, Los Angeles, and Senior Director at the Urban Land Institute, where I prioritized diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

In addition to my leadership roles, I use my expertise in art, architecture, and design, blending traditional gameplay with modern artistry and sustainability in my award-winning luxury chess sets under Griffith Chess Designs. 

Whether displayed in a luxury home, executive office, or members club, a Griffith Chess Designs set is more than just a game – it's a conversation starter, a means of human connection and an opportunity to own an original piece of functional art.

I welcome inquiries about my creations and strategic leadership.

Cyrice Griffith
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