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Kat TingTing Gray


Philanthropist. Renaissance woman: cellist, dancer, novelist, documentary film producer, impresario, educator, former investment banker.

I strive to nurture humanity through the arts.

I am a former investment banker and educator with dual master's degrees.

I produce choral and symphonic concerts in Historically Informed Performance style. My other major philanthropic efforts span from "ganglands" to art museums to universities, and from California to Chicago to Africa. No matter the milieu, each project creates an ecosystem that figuratively and literately nurtures its community.

In my second language of English, I've written Crescent Lane, a novel which is a finalist of several literary competitions. My next novel will be written simultaneously in English and Italian.

I am a life-long student of music, dance, and literature, an adventurous traveller, a nerd of crossword and other puzzles, a mother to two spirited girls, and a partner to an encouraging and collaborative husband.

+1 5109627434

Kat TingTing Gray
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