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Lee Lam

Founder, Business Strategist

Business Strategist, working with startups, freelancers and creatives who are looking to generate an income or revenue.

I'm Lee, founder of Your Startup Partner, a business advisory service for startups and freelancers. I have run the business since 2016, after a 24 year career in financial services technology, in COO and chief of staff roles. I learnt how to run a business and take it through highs and lows - and so that is now what I do with my clients.


Starting to make money from your product or service comes with challenges, but particularly in the creative industry, where your main driver is the creative process and not the idea of generating revenue from it. But the reality is that there is commercial value from your work, and you should benefit from that.


I have worked with artists, singers, designers, and film directors on translating their passion into a viable business offering. Whether you want to work independently as a freelancer or create products and services to sell onto others, it pays to get commercial advice.


Lee Lam
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