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Liigah Thrower

Art sourcing consultant

I help create a private art collection for individuals that aligns with their finances, interests and investment goals.

As the director of Vision of Craft, I  can spread my passion for 2D and 3d art all across the globe with everyone I work with. 

I follow a simple few-step system: Meet - Plan - Source - Confirm. Whether the clients are looking to start or grow an art collection, we meet and plan. Understanding what they already have, what they like and what their interests are is how I create art collections they are proud of. Then I work with recognised and collectable artists, makers, galleries, graduated, emerging and early talents, sourcing all types of art. 

There is no pressure to buy as I value personal descisions and aim to create aim to build long-term relationships with galleries, artists and other collectors with clients. 

Handling high-value art investments in both primary and secondary markets is what I love which is why I have 12 years of experience. 

+44 7968904485

Liigah Thrower
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