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Niall Fairhead

Art Dealer

International art dealer at Fairhead Fine Art

As an international art dealer, I am the driving force behind Fairhead Fine Art, a venture established in 1986 alongside my partner, Christina Fairhead.

From our headquarters in the vibrant locale of Golders Green, North West London, we specialise in curating an exquisite collection of quality, limited edition graphics, drawings, and multiples. Our portfolio proudly features works by illustrious British, European, and American 20th-century Masters, with a particular emphasis on the esteemed School of Paris artists.

Within our discerning collection, prices typically range between £500 and £100,000, ensuring accessibility without compromising on quality. Through astute business acumen, Christina and I have successfully streamlined overheads, allowing us to offer our clients the most competitive prices.

Our global presence is evidenced by our participation in numerous prestigious Art Fairs across Europe, the Far East, and the United States. In addition to showcasing at these events, we extend our expertise by providing comprehensive exhibitions to select galleries. To experience our unparalleled collection firsthand, interested patrons must schedule appointments, as we prioritize personalized attention.

Conveniently located a mere 150 yards from the Golders Green Underground and Bus Station, accessibility is a hallmark of our establishment. Ample parking is available on-site, ensuring a seamless experience for visitors from all corners of London.

Niall Fairhead
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