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Richard Crossman

Freelance Voice Talent

I am creative to my toes - every career I have undertaken (and there have been many) have all be creative in their own way from music, to performance to food to costume design

I have been a stage actor since the age of 3 and an on camera actor for almost 25 years. 

I qualified as a chef, baker and pastry chef and worked in a number of hotels, private clubs and bakeries before moving into teaching. 

I taught commercial baking and pastry arts for 20 years at the secondary level and 3 years at the post secondary level. 

After retiring I accepted a position as corporate bakery manager for a bakery deli chain that expanded from one location to 5 under my leadership. 

During all those years I continued with my love of acting and performing on stage, on camera and in interactive theatre. I have portrayed Santa Claus professionally for over 35 years now - the last 15 as a real bearded Santa/Father Christmas. I spent more than 25 years on the local and regional opera stage performing with some of the world's best. 

And 5 years ago moved into the wonderful world of voice acting.


Richard Crossman
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