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Sacha Grandoit

Accent coach

Haitian, Caribbean and African accent coach for actors.

Sacha Grandoit is a Michigan-based theatre expert as an actor, artistic director and producer with a particular expertise in Haitian, Caribbean and African accent coach for actors.  

As the go to expert, she has worked with clients at Netflix, Amazon Prime, feature film producers in LA and New York, and is working on the development of an online course.

Meet Sacha on video here.

In her own words:

As a multifaceted creative professional with diverse experience across various disciplines, I bring a unique perspective to any project or team. With a background as a former professional actor, writer, and producer of two award-winning off-broadway solo shows, I've honed my skills in storytelling and communication.

As a graduate of UCLA M.F.A., I have taught as a professor and directed numerous productions. My experience as a published children's book author and poet has allowed me to explore different mediums for storytelling.

Additionally, I am an Accent Coach in African and Caribbean dialects, bringing authenticity to character portrayals and productions. As a sci-fi lover, I'm obsessed with time travel and parallel universes, and I bring that passion for exploring new frontiers to every project.

Overall, I'm a believer in the power of collaboration, and I'm always excited to work with others who share my passion for creativity and innovation. Whether it's writing, producing, or directing, I bring a dedication to excellence and a willingness to take risks and push boundaries to everything I do. And I randomly love everything bagels, judge as you please!


Sacha Grandoit
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