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Sarah Cavallaro

Co director at Art Above Ground

Art Above Ground is a non profit organisation that creates temporary art initiatives for the public

Being at the helm of Art Above Ground fills me with immense pride and purpose. Our culture-shifting public art initiatives aim to provoke thought, foster inclusivity, and infuse the world with playfulness.

Reflecting on my journey, I see it as an evolution from my days as President and Executive Producer at Emerald Films, where I assisted in crafting award-winning TV commercials. Now, alongside artist and co-director Cosimo Cavallaro, I've found an avenue to channel my passion for creativity and social impact.

The importance of culture in times of crisis became abundantly clear through a US report, which emphasised the need for art to bring laughter, connection, and escape. It reaffirmed our mission at Art Above Ground, where we strive to deliver exactly that through our public art installations.

Ketchup Classroom is our experimental art initiative focused for college students.

Cosimo and I collaborate to breathe life into our projects, spreading messages of love, diversity, and peace through installations like "Love Your Bean" and the thought-provoking "Wall of Cheese." These artworks challenge perceptions and spark conversations across borders and cultures.

My commitment to arts education and social impact stems from a belief in the transformative power of creativity. Inspired by Nelson Mandela, I advocate for a future where arts education nurtures children and fosters collaboration for positive change.

Beyond my role in the art world, I've also delved into writing, with my novel "Dogs Have Angels Too" earning recognition. 

Sarah Cavallaro
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