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Zsuzsanna Pataki

Artist of history, nature and humans

I'm a fine artist specialising in bespoke art for individuals and corporate spaces. I also lead art-based team-building sessions, organise exhibitions, and bring a collaborative artistic community together in the work that I do.

My academic studies of art, visual education, humanities, languages and Renaissance art and culture, has lead me to combine this all into my work. Each of my paintings is approached as a meticulous study, peeling back layers to reveal deeper insights and stories.

My work revolves around my love of colours, light, and human connections.

I paint with passion, capturing the moment with colourful acrylic paintings of cityscapes, landscapes and country life, seeking both the harmony and the contrast between nature and human intervention, or the reverse: human habitat and nature's intervention in it. I also have beautiful reproductions for sale and accept commissions.

I produce premium museum-quality oil portrait paintings on canvas. There is no fading, no cracking, just a perfect gift that's 100% hand painted. 

I organise and publicise exhibitions, helping to bridge the gap between hardworking artists and art collectors, and advocates for the value of original artworks in an age of mass-produced reproductions. In addition to my personal art practice,  I love leading art-based team-building workshops for professionals. These sessions encourage participants to step out of their comfort zones, engage with creative processes, and build new cognitive pathways. Through these workshops, I aim to demonstrate that failure is a step towards victory and to inspire a fresh appreciation for beauty and creativity in everyday life.

Zsuzsanna Pataki
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