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Jessica Silvester FRSA FCIM - arts marketing and communications consultant.

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Meet Jessica Silvester.

Jessica Silvester is a distinguished London-based arts marketing and communications consultant who holds Fellowships with the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Royal Society of Arts.

With a chartered marketer designation, she boasts a remarkable track record in crafting marketing and communication strategies that yield improved brand positioning, engagement, and growth across musical, educational, charity, cultural, and heritage non-profit sectors.

Jessica Silvester FRSA FCIM - arts marketing and communications consultant

Having known Jess since the 1990s it was a great pleasure catching up with her, learning about her successful foray into the world of freelance consulting and quizzing her about her arts and culture hot top ten.

You can watch our interviews below.

Jessica's professional journey has seen her assume senior marketing roles at prestigious institutions such as the Royal Albert Hall and St. Paul's School in London.

She embarked on her career in fundraising and development for the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra before exploring diverse avenues, including positions with an arts marketing agency and experience in streaming media and TV production.

For a comprehensive overview of her past endeavours, you can refer to her LinkedIn profile here.

Watch my interview with Jessica here:

A passionate advocate for helping organisations enhance their brand development and management, website and social media strategies, and strategic communications, Jessica excels in researching new markets and predicting industry trends to facilitate new business growth, revenue generation, and audience expansion.

"Jessica understands marketing better than anyone I've ever met. She is incredibly experienced, brilliantly creative and utterly reliable. And best of all, she makes everybody else's jobs much easier." (Rick Burin, Senior Press Manager, Royal Albert Hall)

As a versatile marketing expert, Jessica adopts a multifaceted approach, tailoring marketing methods and tactics to align with specific objectives.

Her toolkit includes advertising, public relations, email and direct marketing, digital advertising, social media campaigns, research, and web-based solutions.

"Jessica and I worked together from 2013-2018 at the Royal Albert Hall and Jessica was a dedicated, experienced and results-driven senior member of the marketing team, who always delivered thoughtful and effective marketing campaigns.
Her attention to detail is exemplary and her extensive experience is a valuable resource for herself and her colleagues." (Louise Halliday, Director of External Affairs, Royal Albert Hall)

Jessica thrives on problem-solving and collaboration, boasting a history of forging consensus within organisations and nurturing high-performing teams.

Should you require assistance with a marketing or communications challenge, don't hesitate to reach out to Jessica via email for an informal and friendly discussion about your needs.

You can find on LinkedIn here and her website is here.

Discover Jessica's arts and culture hot top ten here:

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