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Khilna Shah, artist and smile merchant.

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

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Art by Khilna Shah.

Kaonis Thomas - African American Fine Artist

Meet Khilna Shah, an artist dedicated to helping you uncover the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Khilna is a London-based artist and full member of our Arts and Culture Network. We had enormous fun recording the interviews below. I hope you enjoy them.

Do you find yourself facing the challenge of locating that exceptional piece of art or a unique present that truly reflects your recipient's personality?

In a world teeming with mass-produced, impersonal offerings from mainstream retailers, the quest for something distinctive can be quite daunting.

Have you ever invested thoughtful consideration into a gift, only to discover that someone else had the same idea or encountered a lukewarm response when presenting it to your loved ones?

Envision the sheer delight on the faces of your nearest and dearest when you surprise them with a personalised gift that perfectly resonates with their individuality and idiosyncrasies.

That priceless moment of shared happiness, knowing you've gifted something thoughtful and one-of-a-kind, is genuinely incomparable. The sense of pride when your gift becomes a treasured centrepiece in their home, discussed and admired by all, is immeasurable.

To capture these fleeting moments of joy and contentment, the pursuit of unique and personalised gifts becomes increasingly challenging as expectations soar year after year. Will your next gift live up to the previous ones you've presented?

The key to bringing your gift vision to life lies in selecting the right company and designer. Enter Ekone and Khilna Shah. They collaborate with you to transform your dream gift into a tangible, personalised masterpiece for your loved ones. Your creative ideas, blended with the recipient's unique personality, are skillfully interwoven into the gift you help design.

For inquiries and to turn your vision into a reality, reach out to Khilna Shah at Allow Khilna and Ekone to guide you in crafting a memorable, unique gift that will be cherished for years to come.

Enjoy the videos below. It was great fun recording them.

Welcome Khilna.

A deep dive into Khilna's work and art.

The arts and culture hot top ten with Khilna Shah.

The This or That game.

Some of Khilna's work.


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