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Meet a Member - Katie Hill - Chinese Contemporary Art Expert.

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Meet Katie Hill, Chinese contemporary art curator, researcher, writer and educator.

Katie is one of the world's leading experts and dizzyingly well-connected experts on Chinese contemporary art based at the Sotheby's Institute of Art.

I met Katie recently and you can watch a recording of our meeting below.

Katie is also the founder and director at OCCA, the Office for Contemporary Chinese Art, promoting awareness and appreciation for Chinese and Asian art.

She does this by working with artists, galleries, and curators, organising exhibitions, offering courses and providing consultancy to analysts and investors.

Katie in her own words ...

"I am a curator and academic with twenty years' experience of course leadership, curating, academic research and writing, focusing on contemporary art from China.

I direct a consultancy in Oxfordshire, representing, exhibiting and promoting contemporary art from China, to foster cross-cultural dialogue between Britain and Chinese societies. I focus on effectively articulating contemporary artistic practices from China and the Chinese speaking world using effective art historical and socio-political frameworks to elucidate their aesthetics and significance.

From 2023, my new role as Academic Lead - Asia, at Sotheby's Institute of Art, involves leading executive and professional courses, developing and leading exclusive, behind-the-scenes courses on collecting, contemporary art and art world ecologies.

From 2016-2022, I founded and led the MA in Modern and Contemporary Asian Art, one of the very few global programmes focusing on this important area of knowledge. I have devised numerous courses on Asian art from introductory level to executive tailor-made courses and summer schools. In 2020-2021,

I was a member of the first DEI Council at BrandEd, working towards a more diverse, equitable workplace and student body using a strategic approach to embedding gradual but effective change.

Curatorial work:

  • Out of the Blue, Palazzo Reale, Milan, 2020.

  • Lifelines: Wang Huangsheng, Hong Kong Arts Centre with 3812 Gallery, 2019.

  • Flux: Wang Huangsheng, Pearl Lam Galleries, Shanghai, May-July, 2015

  • Optimism, Duan Yingmei and Cai Yuan, OCCA space, Jan-Feb 2014

  • One World One Dream, solo exhibition of Cai Yuan and JJ Xi at Tokyo Gallery (BTAP) Beijing; English Lounge, Tang Gallery, Beijing (Corby & Baily, Thomson & Craighead, Langlands & Bell, Mad For Real, Adam Chodzko, The Little Artists and Martin Creed).

  • 'In conversation' with Ai Weiwei at Tate Modern, October 2010.

Special interests: contemporary art in Chinese societies, Asian diaspora art practice, art activism, gender and identities in Chinese art, politics and power dynamics, Chinese heritage discourse and museums in the 21st century, culture and corruption, the Chinese art world, urban and non-urban cultural practices in China, the cultural landscape and the development of democratising cultural reception and consumption in China."

For the benefit of those who have yet to have the pleasure of meeting Katie, here is the video of our meeting:


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