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Meet John Holmes - arts funding and business support expert.

Updated: May 27

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Meet John Holmes.

Introducing John Holmes, the Managing Director at Advantage Creative, a platform providing funding and invaluable business support for individuals and companies in the creative arts industries. 

Mark explored more about John's work and heard many anecdotes from creating his fantasy cultural year and playing the This or That Game.

John Holmes - arts funding and business support expert.

Under John's leadership, Advantage Creative has become synonymous with innovation and empowerment. The establishment of the Advantage Creative Fund marked a milestone, being one of the pioneering venture capital funds exclusively dedicated to investing in the creative industries.

Over the years, John has overseen investments exceeding £5.4 million across 81 ventures, resulting in the creation of 22 new businesses and the generation of 320 jobs.

John's approach is characterised by a unique blend of financial acumen and creative insight. By combining seed investment with tailored business advice, Advantage Creative has been instrumental in nurturing the growth of countless creative enterprises. From specialised start-up tools and resources to immersive workshops and incubators, John's commitment to empowering creative entrepreneurs spans wide.

In addition to his role at Advantage Creative, John serves as an advisor at Cineport Media, a cloud-based supply chain revolutionising the film industry. With a focus on expanding the portfolio of intellectual property, John brings his strategic vision and industry expertise to drive growth and innovation at Cineport Media International.

John Holmes - arts funding and business support expert.

Throughout his career, John has remained dedicated to inspiring and equipping the next generation of creative talent. Collaborating with a diverse array of partners, he spearheads entrepreneurship and business growth programs tailored to the unique needs of the creative ecosystem.

His passion for supporting creative entrepreneurs is not just a professional endeavour but a personal commitment that permeates every facet of his work.

As John continues to champion innovation, entrepreneurship, and talent within the creative industries, his impact resonates far beyond the boardroom. With a relentless drive to foster a more vibrant and sustainable creative economy, John Holmes stands not just as a valued Arts and Culture Network full member, but an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide.

You can reach John on LinkedIn here or visit Advantage Creative website here and youtube channel here.


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