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Meet Julyo D'Agostino - pioneering music producer and composer.

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Meet Julyo D'Agostino.

Giulio "Julyo" D'Agostino is an accomplished and award-winning music producer and multi-instrumentalist, with a rich and diverse career spanning from the late '90s to the present day. 

In our interview above, Julyo shares his arts and culture preferences from which I crafted his perfect - if fantasy - cultural year. It was illuminating as an introduction to this talented musical over-achiever.

Julyo D'Agostino - music producer and composer

A summary of our meeting.

Mark and Julyo had a creative conversation covering diverse topics, including Julyo's ficticious upcoming opportunity to study Mongolian arts and culture fora year.

They explored shared interests in music, literature, and food, exchanged creative projects, and discussed the potential of introducing Julyo to Mark's network for a matchmaking service.

Creative Exercise and Book Recommendation:

Mark and Julyo engaged in a creative exercise, envisioning a fantasy scenario in Central Park. Julyo recommended "The Language Instinct" by Steven Pinker, sparking a discussion on linguistics. Mark shared a Hemingway anecdote, and Julyo agreed to share a link to the recommended book.

Mongolia Arts and Culture Study Opportunity:

Julyo shared details of a unique ficticious opportunity to study Mongolian arts and culture, sponsored by a wealthy reserach foundation. The conversation delved into the mysterious envelope given to Julyo, containing instructions for the Research Foundation to study Julyo while in Mongolia.

Cultural Immersion and Interest Discussion:

Discussions included Julyo's interest in Mongolian culture, overtone singing, Indian carnatic dance, Japanese cuisine, and exploration of traditional Chinese sports. Plans for Ulan Batur included visits to a digital art gallery, a play, and a cinema showcasing every movie ever made digitally.

Heroes and Ulaanbatur Day Off:

Mark and Julyo discussed hypothetical lunches with heroes and a day off in Ulaanbatur, contemplating transportation, guides, and assistance.

Mongolia Cave Exploration and Language Documentation:

Julyo shared plans for a National Geographic project exploring caves, documenting ancient writings and organising an exhibition. Mark expressed appreciation for Julyo's project.

Music Preferences on a Plane:

A conversation about music preferences included Julyo's five-track selection for a plane journey, spanning classical and contemporary genres.

Music Conversation and Sharing Experiences:

Julyo and Mark explored their rich musical interests, focusing on overtone singing and specific artists. Mark suggested creating a summary and bio for Julyo to share online.

Social Media Engagement and Matchmaking Criteria:

Mark introduced Julyo to social media groups for increased engagement and discussed the possibility of a matchmaking service with three specified criteria.

Network Introduction and Preferences:

The meeting concluded with discussions on introducing Julyo to Mark's network, including preferences for potential connections and the possibility of cloning someone from the Recording Academy worldwide. They considered sharing the resulting video on Julyo's YouTube channel.


About Julyo

Julyo's artistic journey encompasses both studio and live performances, showcasing a remarkable versatility. He has collaborated with renowned international acts, ranging from Take That, to Paco de Lucia, Alkaline, Famous Dex, Mika Nakashima, Paulo Braganca, Michael Brecker, and many others.

In the world of music production, Julyo has made significant contributions, releasing original music and remixes under the banners of record labels, including Generation Smash (Smash The House), Elec-Trip Records, EMI Music, TurnIt Up Muzik (Black Hole Recordings), Ensis Records, and GOOD Music. 

His expertise extends beyond traditional music realms, as he has produced and recorded music for over 1,000 TV and radio commercials, leaving an indelible mark on major brands such as Coca-Cola and NBC Television.

The accolades bestowed upon Julyo are a testament to his outstanding contributions as a music producer and composer. He has received international recognition, winning prestigious awards at festivals such as the Clermont Film Festival (France), the 2006 New York Independent Film Festival, the Odense International Film Festival (Denmark), the Louis Vuitton Hawaii International Film Festival (Honolulu), Portobello Film Festival (London, England), and the Berkeley Video & Film Festival in Berkeley, CA. 

Additional notable achievements include earning a place on the C. F. Martin & Company Wall of Fame in 2002 for the EP "Conversations," a nomination for Best Live Act at the IDMA Irish Dance Music Awards in 2011, and numerous other honours.

Julyo's commitment to musical excellence is further underscored by his formal education. He studied performance and guitar under the guidance of luminaries such as Mick Goodrick (Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA), Katsumi Nagaoka, and the legendary jazz guru Charlie Banacos.

His live performances showcase a collaborative spirit, having shared the stage with esteemed musicians including Johnny Cragg (Space Hog), Cindy Blackman, Armando Corsi (Paco de Lucia), Mike Mangini (Steve Vai, Extreme), Mark Mangold (Cher, Michael Bolton), Michael Maccini (Simple Minds), Nick Seymour (Crowded House), Graham Hopkins (Therapy?, The Frames), and Keith Patchel (Television). 

Julyo's ability to navigate various musical landscapes seamlessly and contribute to diverse projects has firmly established him as a distinguished figure in the world of music production and performance.


Steven Pinker - The Language Instinct

Hemingway special cocktail ( aka Death in the Afternoon)


String Quartet No 2 Op 18 in G majo by Ludwig van Beethoven -

Raga Nata Bhairav by Ravi Shankar -

Tubular Bells, Part Two by Mike Oldfield -

J.S. BACH, Chaconne (Violin Partita in D minor No. 2 BWV 1004) by Andrés Segovia

Memories of Tomorrow (Köln Concert IIc) by Keith Jarrett



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