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Michael Harrison, artist and fine art code-breaker.

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Meet Michael Harrison.

Michael Harrison is an artist and seasoned cultural director with a rich history of contributing to the museums and institutions sector. His expertise encompasses a wide array of fields, including cultural heritage, art, art history, publishing, and contemporary art.

The Flagellation of Christ is a painting by Piero della Francesca in the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche in Urbino, Italy. Called by one writer an "enigmatic little painting," the composition is complex and unusual, and its iconography has been the subject of widely differing theories.

One of Michael's most impressive achievements to date is a code breaking exercise that provided an interpretation of the painting. The interpretation inspired the composition of a cantata.

Current professional interests include Scripti and YourHeritageUK, both, in their own ways, making huge contributions to the museum and heritage sector.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Michael is a celebrated artist whose works have been consistently featured in major national exhibitions and have found a cherished place in both private and public collections.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of artistic influences, Michael's creative journey began during his formative years, marked by the profound impact of artists such as Sickert and the Nabis School, as well as a deep appreciation for Constable's oil sketches. This early exposure sowed the seeds for his distinctive artistic style, a style that would evolve significantly over time.

Michael's commitment to his craft led him to delve into formal art education, beginning with his school years and culminating in his attendance at the esteemed Académie Julien in Paris during the early 1960s. These educational experiences enriched his artistic perspective and provided him with invaluable insights into the world of art.

However, it was not until later in his life that Michael chose to dedicate substantial time and effort to the development of his own artistic voice. This decision marked a pivotal turning point in his career, allowing him to fully explore and refine his unique approach to painting.

At the heart of Michael's artistic philosophy lies a deep appreciation for small, intimate landscape studies created en plein air. These studies represent his preferred mode of artistic expression and have grown into a defining feature of his work.

Characterised by their vibrancy and a palpable sense of immediacy, these small-scale works reflect Michael's belief that they possess a remarkable capacity to convey emotion and meaning, often more effectively than larger, meticulously detailed studio pieces.

Michael's artistic process is distinguished by his deliberate use of a limited colour palette, a strategic choice that allows him to create artworks with well-balanced tonal ranges. This technique serves to enhance the mood and atmosphere within his paintings, imbuing them with a profound sense of immediacy and directness.

Despite their modest size, Michael's paintings reach beyond the canvas to capture the ethereal space between observation and subject. This unique approach elevates the viewer's engagement and sparks their imagination, inviting them into the intricate narrative woven within each artwork.

Michael Harrison's professional journey and artistic evolution to date, stand as a testament to his unwavering dedication to the worlds of art and cultural heritage. Through his multifaceted career as a Director and his accomplished achievements as an artist, Michael has made his indelible mark on both fields, captivating audiences with his distinctive style and his unwavering commitment to artistic integrity.

Meet Michael.

Michael Harrison, the artist.

Michael Harrison, fine art code breaker.

The arts and culture hot top ten with Michael Harrison.

You can reach Michael by email here or on LinkedIn here.


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