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Ramya Rajaraman, arts and culture fire starter and consultant.

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Meet Ramya Rajaraman.

Chennai-based Ramya Rajaraman is a full member of our Arts and Culture Network and a seasoned arts consultant professional with a career spanning several years.

Her professional journey has seen her work with a diverse range of clients and organisations, both in India and on the global stage.

Her extensive experience encompasses various sectors, including non-profit, corporate, startup, and the arts and culture domains.

Ramya and I met recently and you can watch our interviews below. Don't miss her arts and culture hot top ten and the This or That game.

Ramya possesses a multifaceted skill set, including expertise in arts management, strategic planning, brand communication, social media marketing, and public relations.

Her proficiency in these areas has been honed through dedicated work and continuous engagement in her respective fields. As a devoted enthusiast of the performing arts,

Ramya finds profound inspiration in the creative expressions of others. In line with her passion, she founded ArtSpire, an arts management company that operates from bases in Chennai, India, and Toronto, Canada.

ArtSpire is dedicated to providing essential marketing and management support to the arts sector, contributing to the growth and success of artists and arts organisations.

At ArtSpire, Ramya and her team collaborate closely with artists and arts organisations, extending tailored support to aid in the development, implementation, and sustainability of artistic initiatives.

Their deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by the arts sector allows them to offer practical and customised advisory services, guided by their collective experience in the field.

Their expertise spans various dimensions, encompassing strategy, programming, and communications, all with the goal of enhancing the vitality of the arts. To discover more about Ramya Rajaraman and her work, please visit

You can reach Ramya on LinkedIn here, and by email here.

Enjoy the videos below. It was great fun recording it.

Welcome Ramya

A deep dive into Ramya's work

The arts and culture hot top ten with Ramya Rajaraman

The This or That game


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