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Arts and Culture Investment by Country. The Top 4.

(Swedish artist Claes Oldenburg)

Which 4 countries invest most in arts and culture as a proportion of GDP?

  1. Sweden: According to a study by the Swedish Arts Council, Sweden is one of the countries in Europe with the highest investment in culture, with public spending on culture and the arts being around 1% of GDP.

  2. France: France is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and has a long history of supporting the arts. The French government spends around 0.6% of GDP on cultural activities.

  3. Germany: Germany is another country with a strong commitment to cultural and artistic activities. It spends around 0.55% of GDP on the arts and culture.

  4. Netherlands: The Netherlands is known for its vibrant cultural scene and invests heavily in the arts, with the government spending around 0.5% of GDP on cultural activities.

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