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Jungle Book, The Musical Theatre Show.

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Nicole Kidman | Sir Ian McKellen | Russel Crowe | James Corden | Jeremy Irons

With original songs, and a score by Howard Shore. (Subject to contract)

Touring the world from late 2024/early 2025 and fully insured for US$10m,

$1.8m already raised.

Jungle Book, the theatre show

Meet Mark Walmsley FRSA FCIM, Executive Producer.

Mark Walmsley, Executive Producer, Jungle Book

Having declined the opportunity to invest in Riverdance in the 1980s, I don't plan to make the same mistake again.

With Hollywood stars involved, a guaranteed minimum return of 15%, and fully insured against abandonment and loss, Jungle Book is something of an investment no-brainer and set to become a global theatre phenomenon.

I'm delighted that I'm Executive Producer, and so are my children.

“Mark, Jungle Book would make a great transition to a live theatrical show. As a musical, I can imagine it having a life on Broadway similar to The Lion King.” (Jim Russek – Chorus Line, Napoleon, Stomp.)

This much-loved enduring story written in 1892 is set to become a modern, multi-sensorial and immersive theatre experience for all the family.

The animal characters we already know and love will be created and played by the team behind the live shows of Walking with Dinosaurs and How to Train your Dragon. They will be voiced by Hollywood stars.

With original songs, a symphonic soundtrack and spectacular scenery the show will tour Asia-Pacific before taking up residencies in London and New York.

This is your chance to join us at the start of our own adventure and be part of something very special.

Jungle Book, the theatre show.

Download the investment presentation here:

Jungle Book Investment Presentation - December 2023 V03
Download PDF • 2.66MB

For a more detailed investment presentation including case studies about previous productions, financial projections, pre-production roadmap, insurance details and in-depth biographies of production team members please write to me Mark Walmsley, Executive Producer at

Or to arrange an initial 15-minute meeting with me, please click here.

Let's get this show on the road!

Jungle Book, the theatre show.

Mark Walmsley FRSA AGSM

Chief Culture Vulture

Arts & Culture Network

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