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Meet a member. Arts and culture de-mystifier and evaluation expert Sarah Bedell.

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Meet Sarah Bedell, a professional de-mystifier working in the arts and culture sector and full member of The Arts and Culture Network.

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Sarah recently.

You can meet her and hear about her arts and culture hot top ten and our This or That game in the video below.

Sarah is an experienced arts professional hailing from Southend-on-Sea in Essex in England.

With over three decades of expertise in the arts, she has contributed her talents to leading national companies such as English National Opera and the Royal Shakespeare Company, as well as local community arts initiatives.

Sarah's passion lies in de-mystifying the arts, and she excels in impact assessment and evaluation.

Along her journey, she has embraced mentoring opportunities, fostered creative business capacity-building, strategised for growth, and effectively planned for organisational development.

Her background is rich and varied, encompassing audience development, marketing, communications, participatory arts, and project delivery. When it comes to creative endeavours, Sarah offers tailored support and solutions to individuals, businesses, and organisations, helping them realise visions and achieve objectives.

If you seek to breathe life into your creative ideas, navigate change, or assess the impact of your projects, Sarah is the guide you need.

Her collaborative approach ensures that you can tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities presented in today's ever-evolving arts landscape.

For more insights and to connect with Sarah, visit her website at

You can connect with Sarah on LinkedIn here.

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