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Meet Mark Rawson - Chinese to English translator in the arts.

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Meet Mark Rawson.

Meet Mark Rawson, a professional in Chinese-English translation and English language editing especially for arts organisations. Mark has dedicated over two decades to refining his craft, ensuring that the content he works on receives the attention and precision it deserves.

Mark met Mark, and The Mark's played Arts and Culture Hot Top 10 and the This or That game. Watch The Mark's in action above!

Mark Rawson - Chinese to English translator in the arts.

With a robust background in news, public relations, and arts and museology editing, Mark Rawon's skill set is expansive.

He boasts over 80 freelance academic editing credits, a testament to his commitment to delivering high-quality work.

As a translator, Mark has an impressive 20-year track record, covering diverse fields such as the arts, business, finance, law, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and librarianship.

Mark's journey includes a noteworthy position as a translator and editor at the National Museum of History in Taipei, where his editorial prowess contributed to the museum winning a Taiwan government award for the excellence of its English-language material. This experience underscores his proficiency in handling extensive museum and exhibition-related content.

In the legal arena, Mark has translated a substantial volume of 73,436 Chinese characters and edited notable works, including "Government Intervention in the Reorganisation of Listed Companies in China" (Cambridge University Press, 2020). His contributions extend to business and finance, where he translated over 121 documents, edited annual reports for banks, and led translation projects for a major finance firm in Beijing, China.

Healthcare and pharmaceuticals have also felt the impact of Mark's expertise, with translations encompassing clinical trial material, academic articles, and medical instrument and pharmaceutical certification material.

The arts and museology remain a passion for Mark, with over 153 documents translated, including two books and 14 academic papers.

Currently, Mark is the proprietor of Mark 1 Language Services, a freelance venture that builds upon his extensive experience and reputation. His dedication to excellence in translation and editing remains unwavering as he continues to deliver publication-ready work across various fields.

In summary, Mark is more than just a translator and editor; he is a linguist and curator of language, ensuring that content resonates with precision and sophistication. Whether navigating the intricacies of law, finance, healthcare, or the arts, Mark Rawson is your trusted guide to linguistic excellence.

Mark Rawson's work:

Mark Rawson's work
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