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Meet Sindre Kaupang, idea generator, filmmaker and entrepreneur coach.

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Meet Sindre Kaupang.

Sindre is a filmmaker, multi-instrumentalist, entrepreneur coach and the co-founder of Procubate, a 9-step business incubator.

I interviewed Sindre recently to lean more about the work he does, and learn about his arts and culture hot top ten. The videos are below.

Sindre's overarching objective revolves around empowering entrepreneurs and innovators to establish their presence in competitive markets through the application of disruptive innovation principles.

To fulfil this mission, Sindre takes on the role of a facilitator in an innovation mastermind. This platform serves as a nexus for forward-thinking entrepreneurs, alongside other intelligent, imaginative, and ambitious individuals, to converge and collectively foster innovation while orchestrating industry-wide disruptions.

Sindre Kaupang, idea generator, filmmaker and entrepreneur coach

Sindre is engrossed in the creation of a documentary exploring the subject of innovation. The documentary aims to delve into the widespread concept of the lone genius, dissecting its myths and realities.

Through this project, Sindre endeavours to elucidate the collaborative dynamics that underpin the emergence of revolutionary ideas. Having co-founded, a music tuition platform prioritising fair treatment of tutors and students, he showcases his expertise on productivity, accelerated learning, and mental models on his personal website,

In a recent venture, Sindre established a network comprising ambitious filmmakers. Within a mere 4 weeks, the group expanded to 50 members, and within the 7th week, Sindre secured interviews with industry leaders, including an Oscar-winning film director, through engaging zoom calls.

Sindre Kaupang, idea generator, filmmaker and entrepreneur coach

Sindre also orchestrates an innovation mastermind, a collaborative space attracting entrepreneurs and other creative minds to collectively innovate and disrupt various industries.

Given the prevailing saturation across industries, standing out emerges as a formidable challenge. Sindre stresses the importance of distinctive differentiation in today's landscape, asserting that innovation is the key to becoming visible and recognised.

Recognising the obsolescence of the lone genius concept, Sindre underlines the shift toward collaborative innovation, exemplified by Apple, Elon Musk's ventures, and other disruptive innovators who harness mental models and embrace the Medici Effect, a pivotal concept in Sindre's innovation mastermind.

Citing Steve Jobs' empowering assertion that the world is composed of individuals no smarter than oneself, Sindre underscores the potential for anyone to generate exceptional ideas and contribute to the world, contingent upon the right environment and collective synergy.

To those eager to make a remarkable impact and seeking to join his initiative, Sindre extends an invitation to reach out and get involved. You can reach Sindre via his Arts and Culture Network profile here:

Meet Sindre:

Sindre's arts and culture hot top ten.

To contact Sindre, visit his Arts and Culture Network profile here.


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